Risk management

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Rémy Bouquin Head of Credit Risk Management

How would you describe your job at BIL?

I’ve been at BIL for five years now, and I’ve discovered both a new country and a new bank. BIL is unique and this is clearly an attribute. Its main advantage undoubtedly lies in the great diversity of its client base.

What are BIL’s strengths?

First of all, there’s its entrepreneurial spirit: just like Luxembourg itself, which has succeeded in reinventing itself many times in the course of its history, BIL is constantly exploring new areas of growth and is able to adapt its service to meet new needs.

Tell us more about Risk Management team?

We’re a team of experts from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world. We’re also a growing team that has to manage an ever more complex and dense regulatory environment.

What skills are required for this job?

A healthy dose of curiosity, a taste for challenge but also the ability to put forward proposals, without ever lapsing into complacency but constantly striving to protect the bank's interests over the long term.

Come for a job
and stay for a career

"You come for a job, you stay for a career” is not only our motto but also an everyday reality for all our employees. It’s the choice of many to join and stay because the ability to discover the ecosystem of a universal bank and career opportunities at our headquarters and international subsidiairies. We hugely support and stimulate internal mobility and networking to learn every aspect of banking, because we believe firmly this will have an impact of shaping a brighter future, empowering our collective intelligence and help our clients, everyday.

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