Expert interview – Samy Picard

What’s your role at BIL, and how did you get there?

I am the Head of the Wealth Management Luxembourg. I started off as an intern here at BIL while I was studying at the University of Luxembourg. After that, I became a Relationship Manager in the Wealth Management department. Before taking on my current role, I was an Investment Advisor. 

Tell us more about Wealth Management Luxembourg.

We are a team of 34 people. We have Private Bankers, Associate Private Bankers, and Investment Advisors, all of whom serve clients who either live here in Luxembourg or have ties to Luxembourg.

With the current context (inflation, rising energy prices, increasing interest rates), your clients are facing a lot of uncertainty. How does BIL Wealth Management Luxembourg position itself regarding that?

It’s a very difficult environment these days, so we try to stay close to our clients and advise them how to manage their portfolios. A very important thing is for them to keep their investment horizon in mind and not to let emotions lead them. We try to guide them in their portfolio construction to one that is robust and diversified, as we believe diversification is key and that one should also consider alternative asset classes. 

 It’s been almost 10 years since you joined us. What makes BIL so special?

BIL gave me the chance to start my professional career coming out of university, and they have given me the opportunity to evolve ever since, including by giving responsibilities since day one, which I really appreciate. 

Why should a candidate choose BIL rather than another financial institution?

Even though BIL is the oldest bank in Luxembourg, it is one of the most dynamic. We are a Luxembourgish bank, and the decision-makers are based in Luxembourg, which speeds up a lot of processes and is to the advantage of employees and clients. 

What should one expect when joining BIL?

We have a very diverse culture here at BIL, with people from many different countries and backgrounds. Besides that, we have many extracurricular activities that people can participate in. For myself, I was part of the basketball team for a couple of years, which was a great way to get to know some of my colleagues outside of work. 

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