Expert interview – Julie Brauch

What’s your role at BIL?

I am Head of Personal Banking - Luxembourg, which is part of our retail network. We are present in all the branches in Luxembourg in order to be close to our clients.

How did you get there?

Before joining BIL, I was a team head in the front office of an international private bank here in Luxembourg. Initially, I started my career in consulting after having studied economics and politics in the UK.

Why did you decide to join us?

My decision to join BIL was mainly due to its position as a large local player, meaning that the headquarters and decision-makers are based here in Luxembourg. I was also attracted to the culture, which is very collaborative and caring while pushing you to reach your personal goals.

With the current context (inflation, rising energy prices, increase of interest rates, etc.)
your clients are facing a lot of uncertainty. How does BIL position itself regarding that?

We are living in very challenging and uncertain times. When it comes to managing your finances, the most important thing is to have a systematic approach and not be led by your emotions. This is where your Relationship Manager can be crucial in making sure that the decisions you take today are in line with your objectives for tomorrow, whether that is for a savings plan or managing your investments in a financial market.

What makes BIL special? Why should a candidate choose BIL rather than another
financial institution?

BIL is a Luxembourgish institution, founded in 1856. As a universal bank, our activities – from corporate banking to individual banking – impact our society in every possible aspect.

BIL supports and encourages internal mobility and personal growth, so if you are curious, you can
learn something new every day.

Any advice for a new joiner?

Joining a new company is always an adventure. Embrace it, open yourself up, meet all the people around you, and ask questions!

With your team spread out around the country, how do you ensure cohesion?

Having a team of 35 Relationship Managers across the country, it’s very important for us as the management team to keep close contact with each individual. We have regular one-to-ones and team huddles, and we also make sure to come together physically for conferences and trainings.

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