Expert interview with Cédric Weisse

Expert interview: Cédric Weisse (Head of Retail, Affluent & Private Banking Luxembourg)

What’s the main role of BIL’s Retail, Affluent & Private Banking team?

Our first job is to advise clients effectively and to quickly find the solution best suited to their needs. We support them in their life’s endeavors and are there for them at key moments.

As a full-service bank able to call on the experience and skills of a team from various backgrounds, we serve both individual and professional clients.

What are the main challenges facing the team?

Guiding our clients towards greater autonomy in using the bank’s services each day, by encouraging the adoption of digital resources.

Also, developing skills continuously through work on three main areas:

  • Knowledge of increasingly varied products that are constantly changing
  • Mastering the processes associated with products to provide clients with a fast, appropriate response
  • Taking the right attitude in relations with clients, even remotely

Why join the Retail, Affluent & Private Banking team?

First of all, every day is different. Clients and projects are varied. So we never get bored.

Plus anyone who enjoys contact and relations with clients will find what they’re looking for. We like helping to develop plans, supporting clients as they move forward. At each stage of our clients’ life there are needs and plans. Our job? Advising them and taking pleasure in supporting them.

By joining our team, you will also receive customised training overseen by the branch network director, colleagues and BIL Academy. With them, you’ll be able to progress from technical and business viewpoints. You will also have the possibility of moving on to specialist positions or even discovering other careers at the bank.

Why join BIL?

Because it’s a fast moving bank with exciting jobs. Since 1856, our institution has been contributing to the country’s growth, supporting individuals and companies.

Within each branch, you’ll have the chance to work alongside respectful colleagues and be part of a family in a pleasant work environment. You can count on the support and attention of managers who will always be there for you.

I’d like to go back to BIL’s values. As relationship managers, we create customised solutions to suit our clients’ plans. We work together with our colleagues to provide the most appropriate response. We also take care of our clients, to keep them happy.

What qualities are needed to join your team?

Technical and interpersonal skills are essential. Attention, accuracy, concentration, curiosity and helpfulness are the expected qualities. Our goal is not to present products but to listen to clients and understand their needs so that we can provide the ideal response. Being a people person is therefore essential.

We also look for individuals who are willing to reconsider and who seek out solutions to provide clients with the best possible response.

Having a good understanding of the finance industry, economy and markets is another must.

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