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Collaborate and network

There are many formal and informal occasions to meet colleagues from across the Bank. For example, you can choose to take part in workshops to improve the BIL app for our customers or shadow a colleague for a day to see how other teams work.

On a more informal and sociable note, our popular summer rooftop networking events are great occasions to get together in a relaxed atmosphere. Throughout the year, you can also connect with colleagues from different business areas over lunch.

"It's really nice to meet new people. Without the Random Lunch, I would never have met them. The discussions are completely different from when we have lunch with colleagues we know. Fantastic!"

BIL encourages you to strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. In addition to flexible working hours, a multitude of both temporary and part-time options are available.

We take pride in the wide choice of after-work activities at BIL. You can join the in-house gym or share your personal interests or hobbies through one of our many cultural initiatives or clubs, such as photography, wine-tasting, yoga, football, volleyball and go-karting.

In addition, our volunteering programme encourages employees to give something back to society through our CSR initiatives.

Work-life balance