Random Lunch

Why was Random Lunch created?

BIL hires more than 200 people every year. Internal mobility is also highly encouraged as part of our employees’ development. Many of them therefore find themselves in new environments, even as long-standing members of our staff. For us, communication and curiosity are vital principles for ensuring that teams operate efficiently and work well together. We launched this initiative in 2018 hoping to help employees make new connections, and broaden everyone’s internal network.

Which objectives does RL help achieve at your company?

We launched Random Lunch with the goal of creating more connections between our employees, regardless of their role or position at the company. In big companies like ours, opportunities to socialise and openness to others are key values in successfully “living together”. We’re ramping up initiatives that give employees the chance to share their passions or work on projects together. This approach gives everyone the opportunity to spend time with colleagues they would perhaps never meet on their side of the business. It’s also a way to learn about each other’s professions, daily tasks and experience in the field.

How did employees respond to the idea?

Really well! It was an instant, resounding success. We launched the initiative during the summer holidays, and we saw immediate results. Both in terms of participation – 10% of employees have already attended at least one RL – and in terms of experience. The feedback we’ve received has been excellent. It’s an opportunity for us to rediscover the richness of our working environment, which hosts a multitude of professions and cultures, with over 20 nationalities, all working within a single ecosystem.

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