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Big enough to matter, small enough to care

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is one of the biggest banks in the Grand Duchy, offering retail, private, corporate and institutional banking, as well as treasury and financial market services.

The majority of BIL’s 2,000 employees work at the headquarters in Luxembourg City – this centralised setup promotes swift, agile decision-making and short reporting lines, enabling BIL to offer clients innovative solutions for their changing needs. BIL is recognised as systemically important by the European Central Bank.

BIL has dedicated wealth management offices in Switzerland

as well as trading floors in Luxembourg and Zurich. In addition, BIL Group subsidiaries in Luxembourg offer specialized services: Belair House, BIL Manage Invest (alternative fund management) and BIL Lease (leasing solutions).

The Luxembourgish Government holds a 10% stake in BIL, thereby further strengthening the strategic position of the bank. The remaining 90% of BIL are owned by the Chinese investment group Legend Holdings who are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and founded the Lenovo Group.

"You come for a job, you stay for a career" is not only our motto but also an everyday reality for all our employees.

We encourage internal mobility and lifelong learning to familiarize employees with all aspects of a universal bank. There are many career opportunities at our headquarters as well as in our national and international subsidiaries.

Come for a job and stay for a career

Strong corporate values

Our main aim is to help clients to make their plans possible. This is reflected by our corporate values Create, Collaborate and Care. In fact, these are more than just values, they are ways of behaving:

  • We chose create because the digital era requires new ways of thinking and openness to innovation. New ways of working are key. New ideas are welcome, we create, test and adapt.
  • Collaboration is the second key value as keeping up with a changing market and regulatory environment is challenging. The only way to meet this challenge is by taking it on together.
  • Care is the third value because we care about each other. A supportive working environment encourages collaboration and trust. We appreciate input and you can trust that your feedback is taken seriously.

A recognised

The high quality of BIL’s services and the bank’s strong client focus are regularly acknowledged by external parties.

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