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A warm welcome

When you arrive at BIL, you will not only be welcomed by your new colleagues but also by a dedicated integration buddy who will show you around and help you settle in. Together with other new recruits, you will introduced to the different business areas of the Bank and will be provided with multiple networking opportunities.

Dedicated welcome sessions will not only provide you with all the practical information

you need for your daily work but will also give you an opportunity to meet representatives of all business areas. In addition, our employee services will explain the multiple benefits of working at BIL. This comprehensive integration programme ensures you are ready to take on your new role and responsibilities and immediately start building your internal network throughout the Bank.

"I really enjoyed the integration at BIL, especially the presentations on the second day. They allow those who have just arrived to get to know the Bank. This format also helps to familiarise new joiners with the corporate culture of BIL from the onset."

We strongly encourage internal mobility throughout the whole Bank, including our national and international subsidiaries. At BIL, you come for a job and stay for a career. You can either specialize by choosing a specific career path with dedicated training or you can diversify your skills and experience by opting to work in several different business lines.

Since BIL is a universal bank, there are many different profiles for you to discover. This allows you to shape a career that corresponds to your skills and interests.

Our way of supporting continuous feedback from managers and colleagues will encourage you to further strengthen your professional and interpersonal skills besides an extensive learning environment.

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BIL has set up a comprehensive programme of both online and face-to-face training which is open to all employees regardless of their seniority. The objectives are to encourage lifelong learning and continuous improvement as well as to foster a growth mindset.

Regular informal lunchtime training sessions by internal and external experts keep all employees updated on a wide variety of topics from new products and major projects to personal development.


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