Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is one of BIL’s flagship initiatives figuring among its efforts to support its staff in their professional development. Aurélie Antunes, from the People Development Department shares with us what the Growth Mindset is all about.

Hi Aurélie! Can you please explain us what is the Growth Mindset at BIL ?

Hi! I’m a Senior Development Officer for BIL. After starting in People Services and then moving on to Payroll & Pensions, I have now found a new calling in Learning & Development. Being able to help employees to develop their skills and to tackle the business and regulatory challenges they face, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. In my department, I also deal with support projects relating to soft skills, including the Growth Mindset.

More than just a behaviour, the Growth Mindset is one of the key aspect of the corporate culture, here at BIL.

The Growth Mindset is a state of mind that seeks personal development. It is the belief that personal qualities can be acquired through an earnest effort to cultivate them. It is also facing challenges, whether personal or professional, with a positive attitude.

And what does this mean in real life?

In day-to-day business, I would say:

  • Daring to step out of your comfort zone, so you can expand your worldview, change your habits and improve your personal development process, while maintaining a healthy curiosity and an open mind about the world around you.
  • Showing resilience, and knowing how to learn from your experiences so that you always come back stronger.
  • Empowerment, or the ability to take control and gain a better understanding of changes taking place.

And personally, what do I win?

Thanks to the Growth Mindset, I can respond more positively to some situations, in ways that help develop my potential and push my limits. For example, I no longer see my weaknesses as obstacles, but rather as learning opportunities. We all have the ability to gain greater self-confidence, to be fulfilled in our life and work, and to have the courage to try new things!

My team members’ relations have improved and our discussions are more constructive. The Growth Mindset lets you rely more on each other, and take opportunities to help one another and develop both as individuals and as a group – speaking with confidence, without being afraid of what the other person will say or think. Collective intelligence allows us to express ourselves to the fullest in a culture of continuous learning and development.

Can you give us some examples of how the Growth Mindset is implemented at BIL?

At BIL, we strive to develop the Growth Mindset through different initiatives:

  • By integrating it into the management and performance evaluation methods of the FeedBack Model.
  • Through special training programmes that help support our business ambitions and major strategic projects.

To sum up, the Growth Mindset is a state of mind geared toward personal development that all BIL employees are encouraged to embrace. If you want to foster your own development within the Growth Mindset initiative, don’t hesitate to reach out and join us!


Contact Aurélie Antunes :

+352 4590 5976

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