Expert interview: Rémy Bouquin (Risk Management)

How would you describe your job at BIL?

I’ve been at BIL for five years now, and I’ve discovered both a new country and a new bank. BIL is unique and this is clearly an attribute. Its main advantage undoubtedly lies in the great diversity of its client base. As a multi-business bank, it attracts very different client profiles, from private to professional clients and individuals to private banking. But its international positioning also allows us to respond to local and international issues.

What are BIL’s strengths?

First of all, there’s its entrepreneurial spirit: just like Luxembourg itself, which has succeeded in reinventing itself many times in the course of its history, BIL is constantly exploring new areas of growth and is able to adapt its service to meet new needs.

Its ability to make rapid decisions: here, the decision-making circuits are small and the decisions are made locally. When it comes to credit, this often sets us apart from our competitors. It’s not uncommon for a Relationship Manager to come and see me to discuss an urgent loan application file and it becomes a challenge for everyone to quickly find a balanced solution that allows the bank both to develop and be protected.

Finally, its knowledge of the local economic fabric: BIL has been in Luxembourg since 1856, knows its terrain inside out, and has been able to develop relationships of trust with its clients.

Tell us more about Risk Management team?

We’re a team of experts from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world. We’re also a growing team that has to manage an ever more complex and dense regulatory environment. We’re a team whose primary purpose is to jointly guide the bank, redirecting where necessary and ensuring that the bank is protected against risks that are increasingly numerous and difficult to mitigate.

What themes come up?

Pandemic-related risk management has been an inexhaustible source of learning. Never before have we faced such a shock. With the first period of crisis management over, we have learned the first lessons from this unprecedented period and have considered ways to improve our credit risk management. Many initiatives have emerged and are being implemented.

However, besides credit risk, two themes are growing in importance: the inclusion of environmental, governmental and social aspects in our various business activities with the ultimate goal being to encourage sustainable, reasonable growth. Then there is the prevention of cybercrime: as a financial institution, we are especially tested by these ever-changing risks, which constantly require us to re-evaluate ourselves and put the necessary countermeasures in place.

What skills are required for this job?

A healthy dose of curiosity, a taste for challenge but also the ability to put forward proposals, without ever lapsing into complacency but constantly striving to protect the bank's interests over the long term.

Join the Credit Risk Management Team

Credit drives BIL’s growth. Our income and our profits are largely dependent on it and at BIL there is a real desire to support our clients’ success through credit. The CRM team is growing and diverse, and is looking for new profiles that will help the bank find the right balance.

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