Expert interview: Alban Romanet (Risk Management)

In a few words, how would you describe Risk Management at BIL?

As a control function, Risk Management at BIL aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the bank by defining its risk appetite and setting up a risk management, monitoring and follow-up system. As an independent function, Risk Management also collaborates with BIL’s business lines, the latter acting as the first line of defence regarding risk associated with the processes and transactions they initiate.

What are BIL’s strengths?

BIL is a universal bank with a great diversity of activities covered by risk, including Retail, Corporate, Private Banking and other supporting professions. As well as being stable and innovative, it is a bank on a human scale, which benefits from short decision circuits. Headquartered in Luxembourg, BIL is rooted in the local economic fabric and is the oldest multi-business bank here. The bank’s recently acquired Chinese shareholder, Legend Holding, offers the whole business many fresh opportunities and new things to discover. This is a motivating challenge for the Risk Management department.

Tell us more about the Modelling team (part of Risk Management)

Their objective is to quantify risk parameters to enable the fairest vision of risk in compliance with regulations. One group of data scientists models the risk by evaluating the Basel parameters, and another group validates the proposed models. The Modelling team is transforming its methodology by using modern techniques and using Python as a programming language.

Do you have what it takes to join us?

Candidates must certainly be rigorous, but also have a critical mind, be assertive, proactive and want to progress with the entire bank.

Join the Risk team

The Risk Management department is made up of 150 dedicated individuals divided into 8 teams each at the service of the bank. A multicultural and multilingual workforce, BIL’s Risk team offers rich professions with high value added.  

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