Expert interview: Fabien Machard (Head of EU Business Owners & Family Offices)

How would you describe your team and its main missions?

The essence of international wealth management at BIL is to be a main hub in Luxembourg with international branches. The team’s focus is on international franchise development with a local strength, using resources that develop business through intermediaries without necessarily having a geographic footprint. Specific profiles are required (solicitation configuration) with a broad spectrum of skills including business code development.

What is your unique selling proposition? 

BIL is the bank for international entrepreneurs who might need a key banking partner in stable countries in terms of country quality and rating such as Luxembourg or Switzerland. The strength of international wealth management is to benefit from an offer that corresponds to their financing and international structuring needs and efficient and neutral teams with asset management skills. The Portfolio Manager manages the client’s capital in open architecture.

What are the bank’s strengths?

As well as interesting cultural diversity, BIL offers attractive career paths internally, and the possibility for those with talent to build this path that can evolve according to the needs of the bank so that both parties can grow and flourish. For high-performing salespeople there are corresponding compensation formulas and policies.

Do you have what it takes?

Versatile, international and open to other cultures and languages, employees must be capable of developing a network of intermediaries at an international level. Performance is important and employees must have decision-making power and be able to act autonomously, speed up the decisions of the bank and offer a quick decision even in unusual situations. The candidate must bring their expertise on pointed, complex and atypical topics, and be prepared for high level problem solving of global issues. 

More about Wealth Management

Team members are supported by heritage engineering specialists, work with Relationship Managers and collaborate closely with highly specialized investment advisors with access to a wide range of products in open architecture.

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