Expert interview: Alessandra Simonelli (Head of Customer Journey)

What is the main mission of Retail team at BIL?

The primary objective of the Retail team is to respond to issues encountered by clients, to assist them, and to do so while ensuring they have a pleasant experience.

To interact with the bank, clients choose the channel and the team ensures that solutions adapted to their needs are put at their disposal.

The Retail team is essentially made up of professional experts who are dedicated to advising and assisting clients not only in their daily needs but also in their life plans and goals. Support teams are there to make sure relationship managers have everything at their disposal to assist their clients in an optimal way: efficient tools, competitive products and services, diverse communication channels and clear and transparent client documentation.

What does the future look like in retail at BIL?

Increasing client mobility and digitalisation, extensive use of client data and shifting consumer expectations will have an important impact in the coming years, accelerating the transformation of the banking landscape.

Banks will have to respond to the changing preferences and expectations of consumers by offering a positive consumer experience. In order to do so, banks will make use of a greater degree of advanced technology, including online transactions, but will not shift to a full virtual model: human assistance will remain crucial for important and sometimes complex moments of life. Personalised products and services of high quality and innovation will also be crucial for supporting customer’s needs and aspirations.

Why join BIL?

BIL is a bank that acknowledges the importance of its staff for the evolution of the bank. It therefore makes sure people are trained and can develop their skills, whilst keeping everyone motivated. The Retail team is very engaged, has a clear vision and shares common values. As a BIL employee, your voice counts.

BIL is a fast-moving bank where everyone can make a difference and create an impact. As a BIL employee, your voice counts. It is an exciting time to join retail team as BIL is currently rethinking its client support models: reinventing client journeys, developing new technologies, developing new products and services in order to offer each client a personalised and omni-channel experience.

Do you have what it takes to join us?

Good knowledge of the local market, cultures and languages is a must. Human contact is essential, as is the ability to guide very different client profiles. Employees should be looking to create an impact in everything they do and must demonstrate an openness and commitment to new digital solutions.  

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