Ace your job interview with our checklist!

Have you been invited for a job interview? Start stacking the odds in your favour! We’ve created a checklist of tips and tricks to help you leave a lasting impression on your recruiter.

Be prepared before the interview
•Read up on the company, position and the person recruiting you
•Prepare answers to common questions
•Come up with questions of your own
•Plan your route and estimate how long it will take you to get there
•Carefully choose what you’re going to wear
•Make sure you’re mentally prepared and have a clear idea of what you want to say

Make a good impression during the interview
•Arrive on time and ready to start
•Dress appropriately
•Be courteous and polite
•Give clear and coherent responses to their questions
•Show your enthusiasm for the job and be an active participant in the conversation
•Bring your documents (CV, cover letter) and something to write on
•Ask about the next steps in the interview process
•Say thank you and goodbye

Be available after the interview
•Get in touch with them after a few days to show your interest
•Avoid harassing recruiters
•Make sure you are contactable
•Respond quickly if you are contacted

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