My Job @BIL with Julien Thai

Meet Julien Thai, IT Architect, telling us about his job at BIL


Your job

I am what we call an Enterprise Architect at BIL. It’s my role to analyse and find alternative and viable IT solutions in response to my clients’ requirements. As well as end clients, we have to deal with multiple requirements, such as the consistency and renewal of our architecture and interaction between its various components, whilst also paying attention to budgetary aspects. It’s a daily challenge to find a consensus between the various business lines and IT, but that’s why we are never bored in this job! My work really is in line with BIL’s motto of “One for all, all for the client”.

Which teams do you work with most often?

In theory, we work with all of the bank’s teams, both in the business lines and IT. We have to cooperate closely with them and synchronise our actions (IT – enterprise architects and solution architects) to find the best solution for achieving our common goal: client satisfaction.

Personally, I am close to the team developing the web and mobile apps as I work with them frequently. But cooperation at all levels is key to the success of our role.


What skills are required for this job?

When I joined BIL I thought my main skillset was my technical ability. But the role of architect also requires very good interpersonal skills and excellent powers of persuasion.

We also need to be visionaries and convince our partners that the preferred solutions will be the best for the future of BIL.

And lastly, let’s not forget the operational know-how that is key to understanding how our company works.


How do you expect your job to change in the coming years?

The role of architect will always require strong analytical skills, but technical and operational know-how is evolving rapidly, so it’s crucial to keep up with the latest developments. You have to remain curious to do this job, and to know how to adapt to change, especially in an environment where regulatory issues and the market are constantly evolving.


How would you sum up BIL?

BIL offers us an interesting challenge with its project to change the core banking system. I meet a lot of internal and external colleagues, and not just on the IT side, with whom I enjoy working and progressing. They know how to be patient and explain issues simply, pushing you out of your comfort zone.

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