Senior Data Analyst – F&R Factory (M/F)

Your next challenge:

As a member of the Finance & Risk Factory team, you will actively contribute to the transformation of the department and the bank following BIL migration to the new Core Banking System. You will lead key data initiatives to increase figures and reporting accuracy and the team efficiency through process automation. The Bank has implemented during the first semester 2021 a new common Finance and Risk database RFO Master, that will serve as a golden source from various satellite systems in charge to calculate RWA Credit Risk, Expected Credit Losses, Anacredit, ALM, IRRBB and liquidity ratio. Several efficiencies are waited by this new architecture (e.g. centralisation quality checks in one single place, accelerate reconciliations, manage the evolution of the repository, reinforce quality for regulatory reporting and internal reporting). RFO Master is coupled with a dedicated Datamart RFO Exploitation used to produce specific reports.

As a (Senior) Data Analyst, you will be in charge of :

  • Following-up of RFO Exploitation under the Head of Factory.
  • Supporting the evolution of RFO Exploitation based on the internal and external requirements.
  • Optimizing its data architecture and coordinating the IT developments.
Your activities:


  • Monitor the data between RFO Master and RFO Exploitation.
  • Perform pre-check analysis before loading RFO Exploitation.
  • Manage the process and versioning during the fast close. 
  • Observe deadlines and adapt priorities depending on the context.
  • Manage automation of report


  • Manage documentation of the reporting covered by RFO Exploitation (e.g BCBS 239 with a specific tool already implemented).
  • Manage documentation of the Datamart (source and definition of the fields).
  • Define the appropriate organization / governance. 

Project role

  • Plan and analyze the evolution of the Datamart following technical and/or regulatory changes (e.g. ESG, climate information, SRB).
  • Challenge the new request based on the existing information in coordination with the head of the Factory and IT.
  • Participate to the study to monitor the coherence intra reporting.


  • Execute and coordinate the report information for the Factory team and external users in the Bank (e.g Risk Management, Controlling).
  • Manage the technical support for the Dataiku/Python inside the team
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