Regulatory Watch & Impact Manager (M/F)

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The Regulatory Watch and Impact Manager plays a crucial role across the Risk and Finance departments, ensuring that the Bank complies with risk and financial regulations. 
The Regulatory Watch and Impact Manager is responsible for monitoring regulatory changes across Risk and Finance, evaluating impacts, interacting with stakeholders, and transforming obligations into opportunities. The Manager plays a crucial role in the strengthening of the answer to regulators process.

You will : 

  • Monitor regulatory changes and developments that could impact the Risk & Finance departments. This includes anticipating and staying updated with new laws, rules, and regulations, as well as modifications to existing ones, while coordinating with existing regulatory watch practices (e.g., with SGO).
  • Evaluate impacts of regulatory changes and developments with the assessment of the potential effects of these changes on the operations, compliance, and risk management.
  • Strengthen the answer to regulators process by intervening in the management of new requests (e.g., challenging of the owners, feasibility assurance) and the follow-up of requests (e.g., centralization of detailed action plans, follow-up on execution with owners), while liaising with Audit and SGO and escalating when needed.
  • Strengthen the answer to Internal and External audit recommendations by intervening in the management and the follow-ups of the actions related to “changes” in the governance, processes and any relevant actions, including resource management and quality of delivery. 
  • Interact with stakeholders within Risk and Finance as well as other departments (e.g., Secretariat General, Compliance and Legal departments), ensuring a strong presence.
  • Ensure effective cross-functional collaboration between teams and departments to provide timely and effective teamwork to cover the responses and deployments expected to protect the group. 
  • Transform obligations into opportunities by helping the bank stay ahead in developing its business strategy with clear regulatory priorities.
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