Information Security Risk Analyst (M/F)

Your next challenge:

  • Responsible for leading and coordinating, articulating, and tracking
    actions related to developing and driving the implementation of the information
    security plan, engaging with several stakeholders on a wide range of
    information security matters to achieve overall business objectives.
  • Challenge the systems and procedures to identify potential adverse
    events, including hardware and software crashes, physical disasters, malicious
    intruders, malware, denial of service attacks and employee misconduct.
  •  Manage the Information classification, control and protection.
  • Management of security incidents related to the confidentiality,
    integrity and availability of information.
  • Insure the integration of security requirements into the life cycle of
    the employment contract (engagement, transfer & termination of contract).
  • Compliant with legal and regulatory requirements relating to
    information security matters and prepare dashboard for the Security
  • Engage with the business such as finance, legal, regulatory,
    compliance, audit, operations, Hr and IT to identify information security
    risks, propose mitigation plan and follow-up of the actions plan.
  • Deal with support or coordinate actions linked to security incident
    management. Perform research and oversee activities as assigned primarily
    within information security risk management.
  • Maintain information security policies and ensure their application
    (or identify any deviation); support internal, external audits.
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