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Ace your job interview with our checklist!

Have you been invited for a job interview? Start stacking the odds in your favour! We’ve created a checklist of tips and tricks to help you leave a lasting impression on your recruiter. Be prepared before the interview •Read up on the company, position and the person recruiting you •Prepare answers to common questions •Come … Continued

Why and how should you expand your network?

Everyone understands the importance of “having contacts”. That’s why we’re often advised to build and maintain networks to find jobs, ensure career progression and broaden our professional horizons. But how exactly will this help you and what practical steps can you take? Whether you’re just leaving school, looking for a new job or already employed, … Continued

Acing your job interview

Have you been invited for a job interview? That’s great news! Now stack the odds in your favour as you go for the prize. To get you started, here are some tips and tricks that will help to make a good impression on your recruiter. The full guide is available here

The different types of employment contract

Congratulations – you’re going to sign a contract to start your career or re-join the working world! But before you do, it’s worth looking into the type of contract you’ve been offered. Permanent contract (CDI) Concluded for an indefinite period of time, this employment contract must be drawn up in duplicate by the time the … Continued

Job fairs: 14 tips to help you stand out

If you want to land a job, you should do everything you can to help your chances: apply for advertised positions, send speculative applications and use your connections. But of the many ways to meet potential employers, job fairs are among the most accessible. We’ve made a list of 14 tips to help you make … Continued

First job survival guide

How do I write a CV and cover letter? How do I stand out at a job fair and build a network? How do I ace my job interview and negotiate my job offer? What are the dos and don’ts of starting my first job? Landing that first job might seem like a minefield, but … Continued

Increasing your employability, the key to a successful career!

The job market is constantly evolving; today’s jobs are not the same as yesterday’s, and tomorrow brings a new set of challenges. Nowadays, hardly anyone can afford to rest on their laurels their whole working life. You need to hone skills that better your employability, keep yourself up to date and stay at the forefront … Continued

Random Lunch

Why was Random Lunch created? BIL hires more than 200 people every year. Internal mobility is also highly encouraged as part of our employees’ development. Many of them therefore find themselves in new environments, even as long-standing members of our staff. For us, communication and curiosity are vital principles for ensuring that teams operate efficiently … Continued