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Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is one of the biggest banks in the Grand Duchy, offering retail, private, corporate and institutional banking, as well as treasury and financial market services. The majority of BIL’s 2,000 employees work at the headquarters in Luxembourg City – this centralised setup promotes swift, agile decision-making and short reporting lines, enabling BIL to offer clients innovative solutions for their changing needs.

BIL is recognised as systemically important by the European Central Bank. The Luxembourgish Government holds a 10% stake in BIL, thereby further strengthening the strategic position of the bank. The remaining 90% of BIL are owned by the Chinese investment group Legend Holdings who are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and founded the Lenovo Group.

BIL employees benefit from a highly professional, digital environment where everyone has the chance to really make a difference. We are proud to give you a tour of the futuristic training areas and co working rooms at our headquarters.

Join your colleagues for lunch in our restaurant, work out together at our company gym, or socialise at other activities organised both on and off BIL premises.

Come for a job and stay for a career

An innovative and positive working environment

BIL employees benefit from a highly professional and digital environment where everyone really has the chance the make an impact. We are proud to show you at our headquarter our futuristic training environment and co working rooms..

Join your colleagues for lunch in our restaurant, work out together at our company gym, or socialise at other activities organised both on and off BIL premises.

A recognised

The high quality of BIL’s services and the bank’s strong client focus are regularly acknowledged by external parties.

Living in Luxembourg

Top reasons
to live in

  • Luxembourg is a small but buzzing European capital
  • It is strategically located right in the heart of Europe
  • Luxembourg is the safest city in the world*
  • Residents have an excellent quality of life (GDP per capita is twice the European average)

* according to the Worldwide Quality of Living 2016 annual survey by consulting firm Mercer

  • The country is multicultural and multilingual (the three official languages are German, French and Luxembourgish)
  • It has a rich and diverse cultural offering
  • It boasts breathtaking scenery and has a variety of local products, wine and food to discover

key figures

Luxembourg is 60 km
from Metz
(France), 48 km from
(Germany) and 225 km
from Brussels

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2,586 km2 

total surface area


inhabitants of which 48% are
foreigners (Portuguese, French,
Italian, Belgian, German, etc.)


total average monthly
household income



Moving to Luxembourg

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Income and cost of living

The Grand Duchy has one of the highest GDPs per capita in Europe. In 2017, the minimum gross monthly salary (40-hour week) for an unskilled worker was €1,998.59, while for a skilled worker it was €2,398.30. This means Luxembourg has the highest minimum wage in the European Union.

The cost of living is high in Luxembourg, but on a level with other major European capitals. Housing and food make up a large part of the household budget, but some expenses such as fuel and electricity have very competitive rates.


Where should you live? Should you buy or rent? What housing aid is available and what are your rights? Everything new arrivals need to know can be found here:

Crèches, schools and universities

Do you want to find out more about the Luxembourg education system? How do you find a crèche? How do you enrol your children in school or university? What languages are taught?

All the information you need can be found here:

Health and social security

Luxembourg has a very good social security system. Membership of one of the social security funds is mandatory if you work in Luxembourg and will depend on your occupation. Your partner (if they themselves are not insured through work) and your children must also be covered.

For more information:

Things to do in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is very culturally dynamic and there are plenty of different things to see and do with family and friends.


Luxembourg has a well-developed transport network.

The international airport is located 6 km from Luxembourg city centre in Findel, and can be easily reached thanks to good bus and other transport links. It offers flights to the main European capitals, and low-cost airlines Ryanair and easyJet also operate routes to and from Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg train network (CFL) operates regular train services within the country and across the border. Thanks to its large tram and bus network, travel within Luxembourg City and across the rest of the country is very cheap.