Interview: Aurélien Mellé (Senior UX Lead)

Hello Aurélien! You’re Senior UX Lead at BIL. Could you sum up your experience for us?

Hi! I started out in IT and more specifically in development. And I have always been a devout follower of design and cognitive sciences. UX soon became a natural progression as it allows me to use both my IT skills and creative vision.

Why did you decide to become Senior UX Lead at BIL?

Our aim at BIL is to make clients our number one priority. To do this, we have to constantly optimise our products and services, rethinking interfaces to make them easier to use and ensure they provide relevant information. IT resources and digital content are evolving all the time; users’ habits too. We therefore need to review and update our range of applications on a regular basis.

What does your ideal team look like?

I work in quite a vast field with highly diverse BIL internal staff (business heads, digital project managers, marketing teams) and external service providers (graphic designers, motion designers, interactive designers, UI and UX designers).

Our team is very dynamic, with open-minded colleagues and an inspiring work environment.

To build up this team, I am seeking people who, like us, feel that they are drivers of change and want to shake things up. People who have understood that their strength lies in how well they complement other people. Skill synergies will be key to our success.

What do you think are the essential qualities of a good UX Designer?

Most importantly, I would say human relations. If you don’t know how to talk to other people, if you don’t listen to their needs, then this profession is not for you. You also need to be able to question yourself. People sometimes make assertions and the very essence of a UX designer is not to succumb to these assertions. We have to experiment constantly to find real solutions that meet all of our aims, and not just those of a few individuals.

Can you describe your business in three words?

In three words? I would say: effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Could you give us a good example of UX design?

I would above all mention our new BILnet app. For this, we identified our clients’ initial needs directly using a co-design system. We asked clients to explain their frustrations, tell us what they didn’t like with the current system. Based on their feedback, we redesigned the app and came up with some new screens. These clients then tested the new app and made relevant, concrete suggestions.

And if I had to cite a real UX success outside the banking industry, I would say Airbnb, to name but one example. It is a real benchmark for me in terms of user experience and growth hacking.

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