5 questions about how a job became a career: Finn Ancker (Deputy Head of Wealth Management)

Finn Ancker is in charge of BIL’s European Wealth Management activities being the Nordic region in the north and Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and France in central Europe. He began his brilliant career within credit and credit structuring followed by  a longer period in Corporate Finance/M&A until he made a career change into Wealth Management, as he was very interested in this growing business. Related to his career change, he got and seized the opportunity to move with his family, from Denmark to Luxembourg 24 years ago where he became the Deputy Managing Director of a Danish Bank. This bank was in the year 2000, acquired by BIL, where he, since then, has risen through the ranks to his current role. 

1. Why did you decide to join BIL?

As mentioned, my employer had at the time had been acquired by BIL. Even though I had different options to choose from, I relatively quickly came to the conclusion that, for me, BIL was the right choice. In short, I saw BIL as a solid, strong and widely leading innovative institution in Luxembourg and with an international strategy which gave me the opportunity to live out my international mind-set. This, combined with the challenge to get an important Nordic team/business integrated in to a non-Nordic organization made the choice of BIL attractive to me.

2. How would you describe BIL in just two or three words?

If I have to pick up a few key-words, then it would be “international” and “innovative” and I appreciate the spirit of the company, where there is an openness and the desire to consider opportunities making the difference. 

I like to add a third word as well: A “long-time solid story” about BIL. It’s fascinating to read the history, going back to 1856,  of the bank and the important role it has had (and still has) for Luxembourg and it’s evolution up to where we are today being a leading domestic universal bank with an international strength, especially within Wealth Management. 

3. You have been Head of Wealth Management Europe at BIL for 18 years. What are you proudest of?

After working for so many years at BIL, there are a lot of things to be proud of. Should I highlight a few, then I am proud of being part of an organization that has always, also during more difficult times, managed to keep focus on the business and its clients. And this in the context where the markets and regulative environment on an on-going basis have required a high degree of changes and flexibility for the bank, it’s employees and the clients.

A second milestone has been a successful integration of 75 motivated Nordic employees and an ongoing positive development of the Nordic market into, a non-Nordic environment, since BIL acquired the team in year 2000 . Today BIL is the leader in Luxembourg of Nordic activities managed out of a non-Nordic owned bank. 

4. Can you describe three qualities of a successful private banker, and tell us what you think is most important to a successful career in Wealth Management?

Being able to build trust, being a good listener, and staying accessible. Of course, you need a good/general technical knowledge, but it’s the human aspect that will have the greatest impact on success. A skilled Wealth Manager is constantly developing the human side. You are expected to be are engaged, have a natural interest for other people and reflect the attitude that you are there for them. This implies that you aim for service and solutions, and that you demonstrate a satisfactory level of proactivity when required. 

We are not afraid of employing Wealth Manager’s with  a variety of different financial backgrounds. What is key is that the right human profile either exist or has the possibility to be developed

5. How would you describe the future of Wealth Management and the ambitions of BIL?

Looking at the growing global wealth the future looks bright, and our ambitions are to correctly balance the increasing complexed needs/demands from the clients with the offerings provided taken into account as well the on-going cross-boarder- and regulative changes.

It will be key that we still keep focus on the fundamental values within Wealth Management, hereby keeping the client in the centre in all matters and offering the services required – this combined by being innovative further strengthening our domestic position in Luxembourg and an ongoing positioning of our international activities, will build the foundation for BIL’s future success within Wealth Management.

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