Product Owner (M/F)

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  • Responsible for the “content” steering of the team, actively & closely participating in the iteration ceremonies and the functioning of the team;
  • Has a vision on products & services where the team works on, represents “the client” in the team;
  • Prioritizes the stories in the team backlog (in cooperation with the stakeholders) and takes care of a continuous flow of work;
  • Follows/reports the performance of his product and proposes improvements to Product Manager and Business Owners;
  • The Product Owner takes care of forcing decisions by aligning, where needed, with all experts (UX, product managers/owners of the product VC or Compliance, …);
  • Cares for customers, has a good business sense but also a technical foundation;
  • Story teller with excellent communication skills to negotiate with stakeholders and team, having the ability to convince;
  • Follows the success of the products through KPI agreed with the different stakeholders.
  • Elaborates the stories content wise (together with the team) allowing developers to build;
  • Takes decisions on user story level;
  • Accepts/validates the delivery of stories (quality);
  • Content authority, having the power & courage to challenge stakeholders & team and to say "No" (on story level);
  • Performance reporting of the product including the data analysis;
  • Participates in the Product Management team and in the PO/PM Community of Practice;
  • Ensures the documentation (business capabilities, functional, testing, data model …) is up to date;
  • Prepare the go to market for the products under this responsibility.
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