Internship – Performance Analyst (M/F)

Your next challenge:

The candidate will work on processes within the Financial Control Team

  • Support team members in documenting, describing and writing down the entire process related to the PnL construction.
  • Take ownership of the topics assigned and develop a complete and reliable documentation of BIL’s process for PnL within the Financial Control Team
  • Formulate findings in presentations and share them in meetings with the Manager.

The candidate will receive daily training and coaching

  • Work will depend on the specific project that the candidate will be assigned to and can include (but is not limited to):
  • Structure problems to understand the key underlying drivers
  • Understand and design a diagram describing the monthly closing process for each part of the PnL
  • Encourage dialogue with each member of the team to have a good understanding of the tasks performed.
  • Sequence time and organize oneself to achieve targets defined within the internship framework
  • Move forward with efficiency throughout the internship mission and share about progress and constraints.
    Write a helicopter-overview as well as a very detailed procedure guide for each part of the PnL result by documenting each step in a chronological and ultra-fine manner so that anyone can carry out the process simply and accurately until its completion.
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