Head of Product Governance & Pricing – Business Enablers (M/F)

Your next challenge:

The Head of Product Governance and Pricing is a critical role responsible for overseeing the Product Governance and Pricing teams, ensuring that the Bank’s product offerings and pricing models are equitable and aligned with the Bank’s strategy. This role requires continuous collaboration with product managers within the value chains, and all the stakeholders that participate in the product creation/maintenance to achieve efficient, profitable, and compliant product governance and pricing practices.

Your Missions :

  • Create and enforce robust product governance protocols, ensuring product compliance and alignment with the bank’s standards.
  • Lead and drive the product governance decision-flow, ensuring all products (new and/or existing ones to be updated/terminated) are thoroughly reviewed and validated by relevant stakeholders.
  • Validate rigorously all new products, ensuring they meet the requirements of all stakeholders and comply with governance protocols.
  • Deliver regular reports on product performance, pricing strategies, governance issues, and new product validation outcomes to involved stakeholders.
  • Set, implement, and adjust the pricing strategy for all products. In charge of the implementation and continuous improvement of the pricing model of the Bank, in link with all stakeholders (e.g., product managers, finance)
  • Identify, evaluate, and manage risks related to product governance and pricing, coordinate with the risk department for effective implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Guarantee all products adhere to Banking regulations, as well as internal standards.
  • Facilitate clear and effective communication with all stakeholders, including compliance, risk, strategy, and other relevant teams during product validation process.
  • Develop leadership, performance, and competencies of the Product Governance and Pricing teams.
  • Direct continuous improvement of pricing models and product governance processes, based on feedback from governance committees and market trends.
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