Credit Portfolio Monitoring Team Leader (M/F)

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The Credit Portfolio Monitoring team leader plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the monitoring of the credit portfolio of the Bank in terms of performance, trends, risks, and opportunities. This involves a combination of analytical skills, risk management expertise, and solution-driven attitude to ensure that Management has the relevant information about the credit portfolio for strategic decisions and improvements.
  • Oversee the analysis of the credit portfolio's performance, identifying trends, risks, and opportunities. Ensure the preparation and delivery of regular reports to senior management, summarizing key portfolio metrics, performance indicators, and risk assessments.
  • Lead efforts to identify and assess potential risks within the credit portfolio. Implement strategies to mitigate identified risks and strengthen the overall risk management framework.
  • Use early warning systems developed by 2LoD to promptly detect signs of deteriorating credit quality. Define triggers and thresholds for risk indicators, facilitating proactive responses to emerging issues.
  • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of systems and analytics tools to support effective portfolio monitoring, including the rating calculation.
  • Edit a regular reporting on the follow up of the overdraft, cover deficit, loan maturity and annual review and request actions when needed to the concerned teams.
  • Participate to projects to improve credit process.
  • Collaborate with credit risk analysts and other relevant departments to gather insights and share information about portfolio performance.
  • General Management & Organization of the team: Monitor and improve staff performance through regular one to one, performance reviews and training plans.
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