Chief Compliance Officer – Belair House (M/F)

Your next challenge:  

  • Monitor compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and internal policies. Provide advice on compliance matters to the Management Board and other relevant staff.
  • Ensure that all compliance risks are comprehensively monitored. Establish a risk-based monitoring program based on a Compliance Risk Assessment, in order to determine priorities and focus on the monitoring, advisory and guidance on activities.
  • Provide a semi-annual written compliance activity report. Compliance reporting and controls cover all Compliance domains: regulatory compliance, financial crime prevention, investor protection, preventing the circumvention of regulatory obligations, market integrity, conflicts of Interest, cross-border activities and personal data protection.
  • Assist and advise the Management Board in setting-up measures to ensure compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Develop, maintain and conduct a compliance training program tailored to the Belair House activities. Raise awareness of the staff about the significance of compliance and related aspects and assist them in their day-today operations related to compliance, including the area of money laundering and terrorist financing, and fraud.
  • Ensure that compliance is effectively monitored and tested via sufficient, adequate and representative methods. If required, to investigate any potential material incidents or failure to meet compliance obligations.

You are also in charge of Corporate Governance issues such as

  • Secretary of the Board of Directors meetings
  • Secretary of the Management Board meetings
  • Contact person of, and correspondence with the regulators
  • Corporate legal as e.g., license follow-up and regulatory updates in the RCS and RBE, contact with BIL Group Corporate
  • Governance Department
  • Local contact person with BIL Group Legal for client related legal issues.
    Other administrative tasks
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